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Recycle vs Normal


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I thought I understood how this is supposed to work, but I guess that I really don't. I have several scripts running, but for simplicity I will focus on one script here. A script points to a backup set and is scheduled to run on Sunday as a recycle (so that the backup is a full backup) and it runs on Monday through Saturday as a normal backup (so that it gets changed files). For the past 2 weeks Retrospect shows everything in the log as I would expect and backs up all files on Sunday, but on Monday it backs up all files again. Tuesday through Saturday, it only backs up changed files as expected.


I have logged a support incident, but the guy I talked to didn't see anything wrong. I'm going to do some more tests and call back.


Got any ideas on this?

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Interesting... Do you have any other utilites scheduled to run Sunday night that may also be accessing, and possibly modifying the files properties (such as dates, times, etc.)? Retrospect uses several matching criteria to find new or changed files. If one of the criteria has been changed, Retrospect will back up the file again. On Windows, Retrospect looks at creation date and time, modified date and time, size and name.


Regarding this script, how many backup set destinations do you have listed?


You can go to Configure > Backup Sets, select the Backup Set in question and get Properties. On the sessions tab you can see the "changed" files that were backed up in a given session.


Start with Monday's backup. Browse the session and find a file that should not have changed since Sunday. Right click to get Properties on the file.


Then, Browse the session for Sunday (you do not have to close the session contents or Properties box from Monday). Find the corresponding file and get Properties on the file.


Next, bring the two Properties boxes to the forefront so you can see them side by side to see if there is a difference in dates/times. If there is, that will explain why the file was copied again. It doesn't however, explain _how_ the file was changed, but a changed date time may give you a starting point to figuring it out...

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