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Network Server Backup

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Hello all,




I'm running Retrospect Back-Up 4.2. I set up a Mac Server as the back server for a network of mixed PCs and Macs. I have the clients configured as well as the server (with a DVD-RAM drive). Here's the problem, I have set my script to backup one computer (a Mac for test purposes) for it's important files like word documents and such. I have set it to look for folders containing the words "Documents", "Mail", and "Preferences" while excluding folders with the words "System Folder", "Applications", "Cache", etc. The server and the client successfully find each other and scan and copy files, but instead of just the files I want to back up (which shouldn't be more then 20 mb or so), it tries to copy everything on the hard drive (approximately 4.9 GB). Does anyone know how to configure the backup server to just look for certain files/folders?







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