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Retro log: graceful vs. sudden client shutdown messages


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I frequently see the following "error -519 (network communication failed)" message from clients machines:


>From Retrospect: Script "JL_RM7_WS1" failed during automatic execution, error -519 (network communication failed). Please launch Retrospect and check the log for details.


This message sounds ominous but the situation is very simple and normal--somebody shut down the client PC while a backup was in progress. This is almost always a normal shutdown, and Retrospect has no problem restarting/resuming the backup the next time the PC is on-line.


If the PC were rudely shut down (e.g. power turned off) or the network was suddenly disconnected (e.g. cable pulled, switch powered off, etc.), I would expect the kind of message above. However, for a normal shutdown, it would seem to be that the Retrospect client, shuting itself down gracefully, would be able to send a "graceful" shutdown message to the Retrospect server which could then put a less ominous message in the log. That is, have *different* log messages for normal/graceful shutdowns and plug-getting-pulled-suddenly shutdowns.

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