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RE 5.0 Wkgrp/VXA FireWire

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I have Retro 4.3 Workgrp on a G4/400 running OS 9.x. I am running file backup


sets to an external scsi drive. This works fine for now, but I need to upgrade.




I am in the process of configuring an OS 10.1.4 Server on a G4/533. I plan to


upgrade Retro Workgrp to version 5 (run it from my OS X Server) and move to


a tape backup solution. I have an adaptec 29160 card in my OS X server


and unfortunately the card is on the unsupported list. I called adaptec and


they aren't sure when (and if) this will be supported with Retro 5.




I was writing to ask opinions on whether it would be feasible to go w/ a


VXA firewire drive. Are there brands that work better than others?


Would some other solution work more reliably? Worst case...would it be


a bad idea to do file backup sets to a firewire hard drive?




I work for a very small department that has a limited budget. One reason I


was considering the VXA firewire drive is due to is reasonable pricing.




Thanks in advance for your help.





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I use 5.0 to back up a very small network to vxa and find it works well. Lot's of capacity, even for my 200 G of drives, of site storage is easy, rotation is a snap, and once you've paid for the drive and the tapes (expense there!), there really is no cost. Heartily recommended from a 9.2.2 user on Cube and Titanium with external drives.

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