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Retrospect - obstructing net services

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FileMaker Server and Apple File Services interrupted by Retrospect






Mac OS X Server 10.1.4 on Mac OS X 10.1.4.


FileMaker Server 5.5 for Mac OS X.


Retrospect 5 for Mac OS X (workgroup)


Running: FileServer for Mac & Win, FileMaker Server, Retrospect backupserver.






Heavy backupload to Retrospect, especially when backing up local serverharddisks, causes the FileMaker Server & the FileServer services to become unstable and finally invisible on the network.


If the backup is done while the FileMaker and File Server isnt used at the moment, it is less likely to happen.


Disabling compare in Retrospect, and thereby dividing the backuptime by 50 pct., allso helps to avoid the problem.




It doesnt seem to be a TCP/IP problem. Timbuktu, Ping and other TCP/IP servises continues to run normally - and the computer can be Timbuktu-controlled via the internet while Apple File Services and FileMaker is invisible.




We are able to reproduce the problem with Retrospect + FileMaker and Apple File Services on the 4 Mac OS X Servers that we are having access to. Two of them are also running FileMaker Server. The problem seems to hit both services (FileMaker and File Service) at the same time.




The problem never occurred before installing Retrospect for Mac OS X (final version). And disabling Retrospect solves the problem ... although this isnt an available option in the real world.




If the backup is run during daytime use of the server the problem will show up apx. 50% of the time. Minimizing the backup-load by running it at nighttime and disabling comparing in Retrospect reduces this to apx. 15-25 pct = about every 3-5 th day.




We are not able to conclude whether it is a problem with FileMaker Server/AppleShare Server or with Retrospect or with Mac OS X ... but since everything was OK untill implementing Retrospect, the suspicion is off cource concentrated the latest installed application.




This report will be delivered to Dantz, to Apple Computer in Denmark and to FileMaker Inc. via FileMaker/SSA Trading in Denmark.




Best regards




Carsten Levin


ITinfo A/S


Lille Fredensvej 7


2920 Charlottenlund








Telephone: +45 7020 0230

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