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Advanced Driver Kit for an ADIC FastStor DLT

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I just installed an ADIC FastStor DLT. Retrospect v 5.5.144 cannot find the device. The drivers are loaded. I was reading some posts on the .au site that mentioned something about an Advanced Driver Kit. Do I need this? If so, where can I find it. Thanks.





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The Advanced Driver Kit is for Macintosh only.




If you don't see the loader and/or the tape device listed on the Environment tab, check the Device Manager in Windows for recognition. Retrospect won't see a device until the computer can see the device.




If both the loader and the drive are being seen properly by Windows, but not by Retrospect, try the following troubleshooting:




* Make sure your SCSI ID numbers are set correctly.




* Disconnect all SCSI devices except for the tape drive.




* Replace the SCSI cable that connects the tape drive to the computer after removing other devices and cables from the SCSI chain.




* The last device and ONLY the last device in your SCSI chain needs to be terminated. Try replacing the terminator if you already have one on the chain.




* The computer may be having a problem. Install Retrospect on another computer and try the tape drive there as the lone device on the SCSI chain.





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