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Proactive Backup: List client name as well in the Source column, and Last Backup Date


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The main use for Proactive Backup in our company is to back up POP3 mail stores on Mac laptops whenever they come back onto the network.


However, this means the source for everyone's backup is called "Microsoft User Data" (we use Entourage on the Macs). The problem comes when I want to see who hasn't been backed up on a given day, by perusing the Proactive Backup window and seeing who is still ASAP for scheduling.


All I can see is a list of "Microsoft User Data" entries in Source, without any easy way to distinguish which entry relates to which client. I then end up trawling through the History tab, ticking people off when I see them in the log.


Adding the client name to the entry in the Source column (or a separate Client column) would help provide a comprehensive overview.




This leads onto a related suggestion.


If someone is still listed as ASAP, it would be really useful to see the date of their last backup listed, as well as when their next backup is scheduled.


This would provide, at-a-glance, how stale that client's backup is. For our laptop backups, I wouldn't been too concerned if it was a day or two old, but could chase the user to allow a backup if it was any older.


It would also help towards the issue that only the user gets the "X-days since last backup" warning, but the administrator of the Retrospect Server at the console is not made aware unless the user contacts them.



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