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Error 518 - not enough client memory

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I have Retrospect 5 (with newest upgrade) Server running on an OS 9.2 Mac. I have an ASIP 6.2 Server to back up which has client version 4.3. One of the volumes is giving an error 518, not enough client memory. This error occurred on the verification part of the backup process. Has anyone any clues?. I see no reference to this error in any part of the knowledge base. I will try to install client 5.0 on the server late tonight to see if that helps. I must note that when I called Dantz customer support, I was actually able to talk to someone in just under 40 minutes. She told be that this is not a known issue and would be happy to have technical support find out more - for a charge of $69. I purchased the software on 4/1 and first use was last Sunday. I would think that Dantz would treat customers a bit better - I guess they are the only game in town at the moment.

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