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DEFRAG & Disk cleanup utilities in XP professional?

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Hi All,


Just bought a new Maxtor ONETOUCH II 250Gb drive. It is attached to my pc via USB 2. It has been formatted to NTFS for my new DELL dimension 8300 with windows XP professional. My questions are:


1...Can I run the windows XP defragmentation and disk cleanup utilities on this drive as I do with my internal drive?


2...If I were to use the firewire cable instead of USB 2, approximately how much faster a backup does one see when doing a complete PC backup? (ie. 1.5X,2X,3X etc?).


Thank You!




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1) Yes, I do that (with PerfectDisk and Norton Utilities). However, since my large USB drives are backup drives rather than primary data drives, I find I don't *need* to defrag them very often.


2) I haven't used Frewire drives, but the *speced* speed of USB2 is faster than Firewire. I did a quick webseach and found many links that discuss thruput tests for USB2 vs. FW. Here's one below that that concludes that FW is a bit faster. In *practice* you may not notice much difference due to Retrospect overhead (e.g. snapshots), the drives, the PC, the OS, etc all having some impact vs. the pure bit transfer rate of USB2/FW.



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