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Continuing an interrupted restore?

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Hi all,


I'm using Retrospect 6.0 server under OS X to restore some files on my Linux box [running the latest version of the client, as downloaded 24 hours ago].


I am restore about 20GB from a SCSI backup tape via ethernet to a special directory on the linux box. I also have a very flaky router that doesn't seem to like that much data going through the pipe for such a long time. Around the 6GB mark, the router locks up, and eventually Retrospect gives me a 519 error [network timeout].


I used to have these problems before, and simply rebooting the router and restarting the restore job would do the trick. Now, after rebooting the router, when I try to restart the job, the files get put in a newly created directory! Eg: the first 6Gb are in "retrospect-job" directory, and when I try and do another restore, to the same volume [as defined in Retrospect], Retrospect creates a directory in that volume named, "retrospect-job-1" and starts re-uploading the same 6GB that have all ready been uploaded.


Is there a way for me to simply continue from where the restore left off? I'm not seeing how to do that in the manual nor the knowledge base here. Am I missing something basic?


Thanks for any help you can provide.



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