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Retrospect 6 "Reserved" Status for Tape Drive


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OS: Windows XP Home with SP-2 and all up to date patches.


I replaced an Asus A7V8X-X motherboard with an EPoX EP-8RDA6+PRO.


In the previous configuration I had an older HP CD-Writer 9300 as Master and I was using an OnStream DI-30 firmware 1.09 for backup (slave to the HP CD-Writer).


In the new configuration I replaced the HP CD-Writer with a Plextor PX-716A (as a Master) and kept the OnStream DI-30.


I do not have any drivers loaded for the OnStream DI-30. It appears in Device Manager under the "Other" category with a yellow question mark.


When I go to Retrospect Storage Devices I see that the status of the DI-30 is "reserved". The properties of the drive show that the drive is connected to Bus 4, ID 3. The PX-716A appears on Bus 4, ID 2.


I have tried to disable the DI-30 in Device Manager but that did not help.


Is there anything else that I can look for to resolve this "reserved" status?

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