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Client speed test failed, error -1 (unknown)


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I have Retrospect Pro for Windows (build 6.5.343). One of my four Windows workstations fails to backup each time with the error "Can't access backup client, error -530 (backup client not found)" When I go into Retrospect -> Backup clients -> <client> -> Refresh, I get the error "Client speed test failed, error -1 (unknown)" This is strange because another workstation plugged into the same switch works flawlessly.


It's running W2K (latest SP) and Retrospect client 6.5.132. The strange thing is that the client is On and ready to start a backup. I've reinstalled the client on the workstation and reinstalled the backup client in Retrospect.


I've also checked the network cabling and switches as well as the availability of ram, cpu, and hard drive space on the workstation. The hardware checks out.


Has anyone seen this before?

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Check to see if there is a firewall installed on that client that is blocking the inbound connection attempt from the server.


If that isn't the problem then try to delete(forget) that client and try to add it back in to the list of clients. If that fails try to remove the client software and then re-install it.

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