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How do I rename a backup set?

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I have two tapes that were accidentally named the same (two of us backed up at the same time, and we incrementally number the tapes. We now have two Tape #270's which is bad).




How can I change the name of one of the backup sets? I can't find any literature about this anywhere. The manual says nothing.




Using Retrospect Backup 4.3 on OS 9.




This seems like it would be such an easy thing to do. In fact, I would like to change the names of ALL our backup sets. I would hate to have to dump, and the copy back to a tape just to rename it. That would be silly.




Thank you for ANY info!

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You cannot rename a tape backup set. That's why we offer the warning in the backup set creation dialog.




File backup sets can be renamed, but other backup set types cannot be changed.

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First of all, thank you very much. I appreciate your help.




Please correct me if I'm wrong in this assumption after reading your post...




Can I change the name of the Backup Set File (Retrospect Document)? The name of the tape not being able to be changed is O.K., as most would never see this. But can I change the backup set file to a different name then it's tape that it's associated with? If so, that would work for me.




I would like to take a tape named something, and just change the backup file name associated with it. Or do I have to RE create the backup set file from the tape to do this, or is that an impossibility?




What would you suggest to correct my problem (as stated in my first post)?




Again, I know this question sounds ignorant, but am learning this stuff on the fly. You've been a great help.




Thank you!

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If you are backing up to tape, there is no way to change the name of the backup set. If you were to change the name of the backup set catalog file, then the catalog could no longer be used with that tape; the tape can only be accessed using the original catalog file, with the original name.




If you do need to change the name of the backup set, your only option (other than restoring and backing up again, as you mentioned) is to do a backup set to backup set transfer, which requires that you have access to two tape drives at once.




In your situation, I'd be inclined to make some physical note that differentiates the two tapes (a color mark, etc), make a comment in the catalogs' Get Info windows and continue backups.




One possibility would be to work with aliases of the catalog files. For example, create a catalog file named Backup Set A and store it in your Retrospect folder. Then make an alias of that catalog file, rename the alias to whatever you want, and move the alias to another folder if you like.

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