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Backing up from OS X over LAN to Windows NT

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Our office runs a mixed Mac/PC network, which is backed up over our LAN to a Windows NT box (with multiple tape drives) running Retrospect Desktop Edition (5.6.132). Previously this worked fine to backup our OS 9 boxes, each of which was running a copy of Desktop Edition. Once I switched over to OS X last fall, I attempted to use the then-beta Retrospect 5.0 to do the same thing, however I couldn't get Retrospect on the NT box to see the OS X box. I posted to the beta mailing list, but never got any response from Dantz. Now that Retrospect 5.0 is out, I would like to know if this setup will work.




I've tried calling Dantz's support line. The support person I talked to didn't know, and she went and checked with a number of other people. When she got back, her answer was that we could not backup OS X boxes over a LAN to a WinNT version of Retrospect. She said it wouldn't work since the WinNT box wouldn't back up the Mac's registry.




Since Macs don't have registries, I'm not convinced that this won't work. Does anyone have any experience with this? I really don't want to have to buy a copy of Retrospect 5.0 just to find out that it's not going to work. It would be nice if Dantz would either provide a definitive answer or at least allow a trial download of the software. But since they don't, any help? Thanks in advance.

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