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Supporting RedHat EOL != Supporting Linux


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I wish more companies would realize that RedHat is not the only Linux out there ... saying that you support "RedHat EOL on x86 only" is not saying that you support Linux.


In the windows world it's like saying "We support windows" when in fact the application is only supported on the OEM version of Windows 98SE that comes with "such and such" a model of machines. Actually on second thought I think that is giving credit for too much market share as Dell sold a LOT more machines with win98SE than there are redhat EOL servers on the entire planet.


Not trying to complain, just trying to inform. Advertising that "Linux" is supported are very misleading so hopefully this thread heads off a lot of other user's questions when they ask "is ____ Linux supported?" The short answer seems to be that if you are not running the commercial RedHat EOL on x86 hardware then the answer is "No."



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