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Restore fiasco


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Have a Maxtor one touch. I thought it was doing a full backup weekdays with 5 copies, but it was doing the daily backups but only keeping one copy. If I look at restoring files under the restore files I only see a snapshot of 10-19-04. This is recoverable, but the program with the damaged data got corrupted on 10-19-04. I need the data from 10-18-04.


If I dig around I can find file folders on the backup drive from everyday since I started this backup routine in May. Looking at the folder from 10-18-04 in the folder I want to recover, only a few files are there. Does this mean that the full backup is actually done incrementally, but shows as a complete backup in Retrospect?


I am very good with computers, but this software is a might confusing to setup.


Thanks for any help,

Merl Priester

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When you are doing a restore:

1) Choose a backup set -- it will only show the most recent snapshot's date

2) Click on "Add Snapshot" to see all the previous snapshots in that backup set.

3) Choose the appropriate one, wait for it to retrieve it, and you're on your way.


Hope this helps,


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