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I've been interested in new ways you may have found to use Retro 16 to fully restore a machine after an OS (bare metal) Erase and Install of the Mojave OS. Anybody have a proven step-by-step after such an OS upgrade using Retrospect 16 instead of Time Machine, for example to migrate data, users, settings?

Alternatively, in a bare metal install recreating the user manually how about to migrate the users information (data files/folders) if all the user setting are in place. 

Maybe discuss here the pros and cons of each?

Screen Shot 2019-07-09.png

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The bottom of this April post contains my method for fully restoring a machine after a bare-metal Erase and Install of the High Sierra OS on a MacBook Pro with an SSD.  As discussed in the OP of that thread, it has been combat-tested :rolleyes: ; I'm pretty sure it will also work for Mojave and Retrospect Mac 16.  In the last post of that thread, the worthy Nigel Smith gives the method his blessing.:)

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Thanks for your insight, David.

My goals:

  1. Restore my backed up user data, settings and data from a working version of Mojave (10.14.5).
  2. Erase and Install a new version OS (e.g., Mojave 10.14.6) to an external (at first, as a test and ultimately) the internal drive on my MBP recovering all data from previous working version.
  3. Pare down installed apps on the original to 64 bit on/after the upgrade. This could be done after the install. 

Scope, which I hope to apply to any new future version (Catalina): 

  1. Erase and Install new OS. 
  2. Migrate apps using Migration Assistant from the fastest possible connection method. 
  3. Migrate or preferably (if it's proven to work) use Retrospect (Restore: Replace corresponding...) to move the Users folders data onto the target drive. 


  • Have you tried your method?
  • Coming from High Sierra -> High Sierra, same OS, what problems did you have to face? 
  • Has anyone tried it for an upgrade to different OS's? Example: High Sierra to Mojave. 
  • Have you used the Retro function, Restore: Replace corresponding...for this purpose?
  • Were you ultimately satisfied by the cost vs. gain, e.g., time required and the results achieved?
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re-read your OP, discussion, comments

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Read all of my OP in that same thread.  I believe it answers all your bulleted-point questions except the third one.  Nigel Smith's final post in that thread recaps my experience doing a suggested upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra, but we're not sure how the Apple Support person found an installer that enabled me to do that—and we're pretty sure we couldn't find one ourselves.

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