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Cloud backup to Amazon Cloud Drive

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Retrospect has for a number of years supported the WebDAV cloud interface.  However the Retrospect Inc. documentation is nearly non-existent, probably because methods of using the WebDAV interface differ so much from service to service.  A few weeks ago someone asked about using box.com in this thread on the Windows Professional forum, so I did a little searching and put together posts #6 and #7 there.  Post #6 may be helpful for services other than box.com.


It does not appear that Amazon Cloud Drive by itself supports WebDAV.  Amazon of course has Amazon AWS, which Retrospect Mac 13 supports, but that—as I'm sure you realize—is more expensive than Amazon Cloud.  If you do a little searching with a web search engine such as Google, you will find add-on products that say they add a WebDAV interface to Amazon Cloud.  Your Mileage May Vary (spelled-out because the second sentence of your OP makes it seem that English is not your native language).


Good luck, and please reply with what you discover.

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I'm considering using AWS for weekly (or monthly) backups. I'm not sure yet if the best suited in this case should be Glacier or S3.


The critical information to store is about 4,5TB of data plus a daily 10GB of new stuff/changes.


Any ideias before I start to implement?

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