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I edited ACLs on about 3TB of files on my file server yesterday. Consequently not realizing that I had "use attribute modification date when matching" turned on in the backup script. Last nights's backup now has claimed all of my empty media trying to backup the 3TB that "changed".


Would it be possible to go back as if last night's backup never happened? I'm not seeing a way so I'm assuming it would be something manual. Anyone have any experience with this?


Retrospect Single Server for Mac OSX 12.0.0 (213) running on OSX 10.7.5




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FYI the response from support was.


"If you back up onto a hard disk, you could consider deleting all .rdb data files written to your backup disk from yesterday. Then go to Media Sets>Rebuild and perform a full catalog rebuild for that backup set."


Initially I suspected this would be the answer but was hoping there might be some other workaround that wouldn't involve re-cataloging everything. It's rebuilding at about 4GB/m which is really good but it's going to take some time. :)



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I learned the hard way that the Mac version of Retrospect does not support forgetting a snapshot. (The Windows version does have that feature).


So you (practically) only have the option of deleting the .rdb files and do a "recatalog". :(

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