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Scanning incomplete errors

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We are running retrospect Multi Server Version, with open file backup and a few SQL agents. Just started getting errors on one of our backup sets. Here is a snipit from it's history


-    6/9/2015 10:44:32 PM: Copying ITdrive (H:) on xxxx
    Scanning incomplete, error -1019 (not enough resources)
-    6/9/2015 10:44:45 PM: Copying ERP_Drive (I:) on xxxxx
    Scanning incomplete, error -1019 (not enough resources)
-    6/9/2015 10:44:57 PM: Copying Type_Drive (N:) on xxxx
    Scanning incomplete, error -1103 (write protected)    6/9/2015 10:45:44 PM: Execution incomplete
    Total performance: 62.4 MB/minute with 13% compression
    Total duration: 02:40:05 (01:41:02 idle/loading/preparing)

The client is running win2003 server and has retro client 7.7.114 installed


any ideas about these errors?

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Unfortunately the error message doesn't say where the resources are "not enough".

So I would reboot both the (Retrospect) client and (Retrospect) server computers.


If it still happens, I would watch Windows' Task Manager and see what happens. 

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