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Migrating a used backup set from OS9 to OSX

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I was backing up a OS 9 Computer with a storage set on DVD with Retrospect



Now I installed OS X (Panther 10.3.5) on this computer and wanted to backup

just the same data folder and not the whole system anymore. The data folder was moved to the new OSX desktop. The previous desktop folder doesn't exist anymore just a "Desktop Folder (OS 9)" or something.


The harddrive or the folder weren't copied from one disc to another or something. Same hard disc, same computer. Just an additional OSX on it.


The problem is that retrospect wants to backup ALL of this data folder again

and doesn't recognize the already backed up data.


This would be a big hassle to rebackup on to 9 DVDs.


How can I get around this? Isn't there an option that not the path but the filename and date are compared?





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