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How to reuse full media?


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I'm using version 6.5

I've been making progressive backup to my external hard drive everyday..

Today I noticed the hard drive capacity is now down to 20%

So.. what is the easiest way to set up the program to erase everything

and start with a new full complete backup?

I noticed a recycle option.. is that what I need to click?

If I choose recycle, will it start with a full backup or add only the changes made recently?


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Yes, a "Recycle" is the way to do this. You'll lose *all* previous backups in the recycled set, so it's like starting over from scratch with a new full backup. To avoid the exposure of lost data, some people use (e.g.) alternating backups sets (e.g. ping-pong recycle every other month) while others use a short-term backup set and a long-term backup set with recycle gaps between these.

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