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StorStation LIB-D81

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We are currently using OS.10.3 on a Dual G4 system running Retrospect 5. For backup we use a Sony SDX-D400C AIT1 drive that conects to the computer through an installed Adaptec 2930CU Ulltra Scsi card. So far there have been no problems using this set up. However we need to upgrade our entire backup system and are looking at a Sony StorStation LIB-D81 Desktop AIT Autoloader using AIT3 tapes. This drive connects through an Ultra 160 Scsi LVD/SE connection. The informtion for the drive on the sony website says that Dantz Retrospect is supported but will I be able to connect this drive to the computer, a new scsi would seem to be in order but, from what I've been reading on this forum and others, lots of cards aren't supported in 10.3.


Does anyone know if this setup will work?


Would booting in 9 make it any easier or more compatible?




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