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Beating the dead horse - Python script issues

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This thread has been beaten to death on here but I am at a dead-end on this one.


I can't get the python script to work. My event handler has a STMP host, and a 'all events' address specified.


I lauch Retrospect (the event handler launches) and...

- run a script and no emails are sent at all

- My local system and mail logs show no activity at all

- a /tmp/macmail.py.log file is created but is empty

- /tmp/macmail.message is created

- the system / mail logs on my STMP server show no access attemps or failures

- the same goes for the firewall logs (port 25 is wide open on all systems)


I had this working at one point but I have no idea what has changed to break this. Perhaps python is the problem???


Dan T

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