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Trouble switching from zip to HDD

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I have used Retrospect for years, with zip discs as my storage medium. I use a Mac G3 beige desktop running on OS9.1. I have just installed a new portable HDD, (Lacie 60GB, with firewire but plugged into the mains for now) but I cannot get Retrospect to backup onto it. The drive appears in the window as a possible choice, but I am told that the device is "busy".


I have checked your knowledge base and it suggests that there may be a software conflict. However, I have not installed any of the Lacie backup software that came with the drive, so this shouldn't apply. The HDD does have some other files stored on it -- would that make Retrospect think it was "busy"?


I've already spent quite alot of time trying to sort this out by looking at the manuals and this website, so I'd be grateful if someone could help me narrow my search for a solution!

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