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Recovery CD fails to boot pc


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I am having trouble with the Disaster Recover CD failing to completely start up the PC. It will hang at the "Setup is loading files (Standard IDE/ESDI Hard Disk Controller)... line. I suspect there might be a hardware compatibility problem somewhere but have no clue what.


I have an eMachine T2642 2.6ghz CD-RW, 40gb Ultra DMA hard drive and an external Maxtor One Touch 250gb USB drive. The Dantz Retrospect 6.0 came with the drive.


The first CD I made without updating the drivers available from Dantz as well as using the original XP SP1 install disk. When this failed I updated the drivers and followed the instructions for making an XP-SP2 install disk by slipstreaming the two togeather. I deleted the old files and created another disaster recover backup on the external drive and created another .iso boot image.


When I try to boot up the disaster CD it hangs at the exact same point as the first one.


Any suggestions what to try next?

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Yup !

The IAA is the culprit. I uninstalled the IAA software from add/remove software in the control panel. Made a new full backup of the C drive and then a disaster recovery CD. The CD boots the computer and I got all the way to the Choose partion screen. It is FIXED!


When I first uninstalled the IAA the one touch drive was no longer recognized. I had to reinstall the Maxtor and then everything worked as advertised.

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