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Sony DRU-530A - DVD-RW Configurability Problems

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I have been using the Sony DRU-530 A Burner since last November or so. There were no drivers for this burner in Dantz's 6.5 Retrospect, but I was able to Configure the bland DVD-RW's (Pioneer, BEALL) I had and had no real problem completing backups.


I don't know what changed, but I believe that one of the recent 6.5 software updates effected the ability of the program to recognize the blanks and previous DVD's I had backed up. I tried re-configuring the same blanks I have been using all along, but had no success. I tried three different manufactures, and all three could not be configured by Retrospect.


I am using the latest software update version of retrospect 6.5 and the latest driver update as well. I am using Windows XP Pro.


Any help here would be greatly appreciated. I'am currently unable to use this software to backup my hardrive

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I also use a 530, but I use write once +r. I had similar problems, but could not nail it down to one specific thing. Here are the steps I used:

- ensure that you install latest firmware update from sony (21C):


be careful to follow instructions on firmware update to first disable dma and then update and reboot. after update, you can enable dma, and reboot again.

- now you need to run the custom configuration again in retrospect (ensuring you have installed driver 5.3.103 before hand (you can verify in the retro log)


I always recommend minimizing the number of formats that you custom configure (i.e. if you use dvd, do not configure for cdrw/cdr) because on some drives it slows down throuput. My personal choice for data reliability is +r.


I am hoping (although it is only a vague hope because they appear to have "skipped" this model and have moved to a dual layer sony) that there will be native support for this drive sometime in the future.

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