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Error -25051 and Mac OS 9.2.2?

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I need help. My backup system was working fine. I was backing up 8 networked computers to an external hard drive as a backup set file. Then, we converted 5 of the computers to new iMacs with Mac OS 9.2.2. Now, I am unable to backup any of those computers. I am getting the error -25051 error. According to this article, http://www.dantz.com/index.php3?SCREEN=knowledgebase_article&id=168 --- it relates to the size of the backup catalog, but this makes no sense. Could the new computers have that much on them that would make them not backup at all, even as individual backup sets? I am using the 4.3 version of Retrospect and the computer handling the backup only has OS 9.1, but I wouldn't think that would cause the problem. Please offer advice if you have any.








-Mike :-)

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Your new computers may have more files then a single backup set can accomodate. With Retrospect 4.3, and earlier, a file backup set does not have a separate catalog file. Its catalog is stored internally in the file itself, in its resource fork. (Its data fork contains the backed-up files.) Because a file's resource fork is limited to 16 MB, you may encounter error -25051 when you attempt to back up many files.




Retrospect 5.0 changed the way Retrospect deals with File Backup Sets. File backup sets are no longer constrained by resource fork size limits and can now exceed 60,000-70,000 files, allowing large hard disks to be used for backing up complete Mac OS X systems, or even entire networks.




You should upgrade to 5.0.

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