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Can't make XP Disaster Recovery CD using DELL Reinstallation CD


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I'm trying to create a Disaster Recovery CD using Restrospect Professional on Windows XP. The wizard fails to find my Windows Installation Software. As this was an OEM-installed OS, the CD is made by Dell, not Microsoft. When I look at it in Explorer, no files are shown, so Ican't find the file i386/txtsetup.sif, as suggested by Retrospect. I know the system CD is functional -- I used it to restore XP to the boot drive of the machine I'm using to type this message -- so I am guessing this disk is not a "standard" format Windows XP disk. How do I created a Disaster Recover CD using this kind of media? Alt: I do have a full (non-OEM) XP, and I think I could use it to bootstrap the process and then sysprep the disk to use the product code from the OEM copy; however I have to wonder if the resultant CD would behave the way I want.


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