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Sources, Volumes and Backup Sets - Maxtor OneTouch works differently


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I just purchased a Maxtor external hard drive bundled with Dantz Retrospect. I upgraded to your professional version.


The product seems to work well, although I have a few questions.


When I try to edit the Maxtor One Touch script, it only let's me select a single volume as a source, unlike other scripts where I can select many volumes. Is there a way around this. I want more control over which volumes I back up. I have designated about 20 volumes, each for a specific folder tree I want to back up. I want to be able to backup all of these with Maxtor One Touch, including several folders on another computer over my home network.


Actually, is there any easier way than using volumes to define specific folders to backup? Most backup software I have seen allows you to easily decend through a directory tree, selecting those folders you want to include or exclude. I can't seem to find a way to do this simple operation with Retrospect.


I also noticed that the Maxtor OneTouch Script will copy the folders as is to the destination, without any kind of encryption, so that I can see the files as they are when I look at the destination drive using Windows Explorer. I like that!


With every other script I have created, the folders are all encrypted into a bunch of files like AA000012. If my computer ever died, I'd need the Retrospect software to decipher my data. I do NOT like that. I'd rather the files be planely readable like they are with the Maxtor OneTouch Script.


Is there a way to have all my backups just copy over the files without all the AA0000... file stuff?


I hope this all makes sense. It's hard to explain in writing.


Thank you,

Ed Self

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