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Using Retrospect to transfer data to new PC


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I am getting a new PC and want to use my Maxtor 120G external drive to transfer the data from the old PC to the new PC. When I install the Dantz software on the new PC, will it recognize the back up sets that were created by the old computer so that I can then Restore from them. I am worried that it will try to reformat the drive or something, or may not be able to interact with the backup sets, since the new installation of the Retrospect software did not create them.


Secondly, is restoring files from the backup set a sensible way to achieve the transfer in the first place, or is there a better way. Would I be better just copying the files from my C drive to the external drive and then copying from them back to the hard drive on the new computer? (and thus not involving Retrospect at all. I can then set up Retrospect from scratch and set it up to create back up sets from scratch.


ANy thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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I presume you are using Dantz Retrospect Express 6 with Maxtor OneTouch USB2 external HD. The manual on p. 51 as a footnote says: "If you need to restore data to a different computer and/or a different operating system this product will only support the restoration of user files and does not support under those circumstances restoration of the Operating System, drivers, applications and settings".

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You'll only be able to do data--there won't be a way to save you from reinstalling your OS and applications unless you get extremely lucky.


The issue is that your new PC looks different to Windows in the hardware abstraction layer than your old PC, so an image from your old PC won't, in the general case, work on a new PC. This is more of a windows thingee than a Retrospect thingee.


If you want to be adventurous though, the best way to go would be:

do a complete backup of your old PC with retrospect

pull the hard drive out of your old pc.

hook it up as the first drive of your ne pc.


Try to boot. If you get lucky, voila, you'll be there. If you're unlucky, it won't work, and perhaps windows will hork up the drive a little such that it won't boot any longer in the old PC. That's where the backup you take would be useful.

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