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Retrospect Express Diaster Recovery - Maxtor OneTouch not recognized


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I'm using for my backups a Maxtor OneTouch 250GB USB harddisc. Today I wanted to try the Disaster Recovery function. I created the iso-image and burned it, I booted from the CD and at the moment where I was able to choose on which drive I want to install Windows (I use WindowsXP), I saw that my Maxtor OneTouch was recognized by the setup as drive "D" but of course, I want to install it on drive "C", I went on with the setup and later on in Retrospect, I couldn't see the Maxtor drive, just drive "C" and my CD-ROM as drive "E".


I read the held file "#27894" I found here on the pages, but that didn't help me.


Where is my Maxtor USB harddisc?


Please can anyone help me?


Thanks a lot

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