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Firewire VXA Autoloader

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I'm a new user with a question. Does Retrospect provide hardware drivers or do I use the ones that came with the drive. Exabyte warns against using their drivers for most software backup programs. Their's are only recommended for Windows Backup.


I can't see the VXA tape drive unless I load their driver but then I get error 102 when attempting to run a backup using Retrospect. I am using the latest retrospect software and drivers although I'm not sure I see their drivers anywhere. I don't even know who to call since their are so many people involved - Firewire Card, Tape drive, tape loader, Retrospect.


Any help would be appreciated.

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If you have a firewire or USB tape drive you need to load the drivers from the manufacturer.


If its ATAPI or SCSI all you need is the Retrospect built in driver. In this case it is best to disable the windows drivers for the device listed in device manager.




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I have an exabyte vxa-2 firewire drive.




I do NOT load the manufacturers drivers to use it, works fine. I have loaded them to test, it still works.




But...the gotcha...




I had one computer that, even though windows saw the drive with or without manuf. drivers, retrospect and the manufacturer's diag program could not talk to it.




Exabyte said 'not their problem since it worked on another computer here', retrospect said 'not their problem, since their diag program does not run'




Never did figure it out. A forced reinstall (due to a raid failure), caused it to start working. Go figure.

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