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86 errors then 10 errors


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I ran my first backup saturday and received 86 errors-looked like it had problems verifying 86 files that were suppossed to be backed up.


Then on sunday I had 10 errors(same thing some files were not being backed up.


When I went to the Activity Monitor Window, History tab, Errors button


I saw 86 errors. Retrospect blamed a dirty head or bad media.


What I am wondering is this:The first back up basically didn't back up 86 files correctly. Then 10 the next time. Will retrospect back these files up next time it runs a backup?

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Retrospect will backup any files that don't exactly match files that are already in your backup. The files that gave errors are different than files in your set so Retrospect will try to back them up again.


If you are getting 206 errors your backup media may not be readable in the event of a restore. Its a good Idea to set any disks that give 206 errors as "missing " in the backup set properties.




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