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DR 6.5 for Windows Backup Set Creation Wizard


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When I set up DR, I used the Backup Set Creation Wizard. I selected "Disk" for Backup media. I got to a dialog box that was called "Create New Backup Set". At the bottom of this dialog box it said "How much of this disk should be used?" I think I replied 15 Gig at most. The external USB2 hard drive has a capacity of 74 Gig I think. Anyway, did I set a partition that cannot be exceeded? If it is a partition, how can I expand it if need be? Can I see this partition in DR? I looked at the manual, and see no reference to this setting. How can I change this limit if I need to? Do you know of any reference to this in the manual?





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You didn't set a partition but you did set a limit of how much space Retrospect can use on that disk.


You can reset the amount of space to use by opening configure->backup sets and clicking on properties for the backup set in question. On the members tab right click on the appropriate member and go to properties again.




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