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Creating Boot CD with Roxio Creator Classic -- what are the right options?


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I'm trying to create a boot CD for my Windows XP computer. I've gone through the disaster recovery wizard with Retrospect Prof (6.5.350) and created an ISO image. I then used Roxio Creator Classic ( to burn the CD with the following parameters:


Selected Other/Bootable Disc

- choose type of bootable disk: selected no emulation (also tried hard disk emulation with no success), the advanced settings were: load sector count: 0x7c0 sector count: 1

- choose the file, Roxio also adds a file "BOOTCAT.BIN" that is 2K in size to the disc.


I hit burn. I don't get any errors.


One thing is that I can't see files on the disc. I just see the ISO file.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.



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It sounds like you're saving the ISO file *to* the CDR, which isn't what you want to do. The ISO *is* the CDR (a more-or-less binary version, with all the little files you expect). I don't use Roxio, but a google search found this:


Easy CD Creator

Choose File, NEW DATA CD, Create CD from CD Image... and you'll be presented with a dialog box.

Click on the "Files of type:" dropdown box and select "ISO Image Files (*.ISO)"

Select the .ISO file you downloaded then press Open.

At the CD Creation Setup dialog box, make sure the Write Method is set to Disc-At-Once and Close CD.

Select the desired write speed and create options, if necessary, then press OK to begin recording.


Note: In EZCD Creator you must change the drop down to reflect *.ISO rather than the default to see the file.

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