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How do you know where you are?

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We just started using DVD's to back up instead of Dat tape, but we still have the big complaint--you can't tell where you are in filling up the media. There's just no clue except trial and error. You would think by the 21st Century we'd be able to somehow tell how much space is left on the storage media without just throwing the dice. Rally!

How much space can you use on a 4.7 gig DVD? How much if you turn software compression on? Does anyone know? I see nothing in the literature for even guidelinies. Maybe we could all just trade our cribnotes and such while Dantz figures out someway to directly read a disk.

With the dats of we didn't want to go to a second volume we just looked at the log, saw what was last, more or less abandoned that, and started with that file on the new volume. The trouble is that's that same thing we had to do back in the late 80's, and we're still having to do that in the 2000's except DVD's are not erasable and the dats were. I just wish we could make some progress with knowing where you are on the backup media. That's an upgrade I would buy immediately.

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You can't know, thats the problem.

The biggest problem is that some files compress better than others. Other files don't compress at all. You can't tell how much compression you will get until you actually burn files to disk. As a result you don't know how much more data you can get on any particular disk.


If you turn off compression completely you will be able to make a much better jugement of how much room is on the disk. You can then go into the members window in the backup set properties to check remaining space on the disk.




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