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Move backup files from one disk to another - to gather all backup files in one folder on one disk?


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I have an Acer Ferrari 3200 (specs), running XP, and I have a Maxtor 250Gig external disk - with three partitions.




Yesterday I started backing up all my files, and told the Retrospect Express to save the Backup Set to one of the three partitions on my Maxtor. Halfway through the process, it asked me to select a second "member", or a second disk, to save the rest of the process on. I have enough space on the first partition, but apparently I'd done something wrong when assigning space to the backup process. Since the backup had been running for two hours when this happened, I didn't want to start over. So I told it to continue saving on one of the other Maxtor-partitions.




And so I'm at the end of the story and at the beginning of my question.


I would really, really like to have all the backup files on one disk/partition.


Is it OK to move (cut n paste) the files saved on disk/partition/"member" #2 to the folder/backup set where the first part is? And then build a new catalog?




Hope someone could answere this silly question...




* Hebegrrl*

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Nice laptop. Count me jealous...


Copying the files might work but it might not either. I haven't tried so I can't be sure.


Its a pain but you should probably just start again with your backup. Make sure to set the disk useage settings to 99% when you add the external disk as a member of your backup set.




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