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Pioneeer DVR-107D (CD-RW/DVD-RW) Doesn't Work!!

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On a Macintosh Dual G5 2.5 Ghz running OS X 10.3.5 and Retrospect 6.0.193/Update 5.8.103 my FireWire LaCie 8x d2 DVD±RW Double Layer (ND-2510A version) CD/DVD didn't work. No problem I said, at least I have my Apple-provided internal ATAPI drive.


I did an initial backup to a new backup set on Verbatim 8x DVD-R media, and other than it ran very slowly (100 Mb/min), everything looked fine.


The next day I ran an incremental update and was blown out of the water by Error 203s and 206s. Following Retrospect's instructions, all I succeeded in doing was generating more 203s and 206s.


What a fine appl.gif product Retrospect is. The last time it worked for me on my SCSI Sony DAT 4 tape drive was with OS X 10.1.5. In fact I still have a B&W G3 400 which runs under OS X 10.1.5 just so that I can do backups!! OS X seems to have brought Dantz to its knees. Soon it appears that I will have to layout big bucks to switch over to BRU and tape for our office.


What a pity. Dantz used to provide such a good product!



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I certainly understand your frustration. Unfortunately some drives don't perform optimally with the writing method Retrosepct uses.


Retrospect natively supports the 107D drive in a number of firewire enclosures but I don't see that the Apple version of the drive is supported yet. Apple will often customize drives that it builds into Macs. As a result specialized drivers are needed.


In your case I think Retrospect is seeing the drive as one of the other 107D drives even though the driver may need some tweaking. You can try the auto configuration wizard. That may be able to build a track at once driver for you.




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