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Backup sets not retaining members.


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6.5 on 2003 Server with an Exabyte 7-tape library.


I have 5 backup sets and 5 recurring backup jobs ("Monday", "Tuesday", Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday"). All jobs are "recycle" jobs.


Scheduled jobs are not running because the job is looking for a tape in the specified set, but cannot find it, even though a tape in the drive is assigned to that set. After I stop the job and go in to look at the backup set to verify that the tape is assigned, it is no longer assigned. It seems to be "forgetting" members of the backup set.


After cancelling the scheduled job, I reassign the tape to the set and run a backup job (not schedule) and it works fine, until the next scheduled job.


Can anyone tell me why this might be happening? Thanks!

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What is the exact tape name it is looking for? Make sure to enable the "automatically reuse pre-named media" preference.











The name of the tape that is assigned to the set is the name it was given when it was assigned to the set.




Ie; backup set "Monday" has a member tape named "1-Monday", and it is the only member of that set. Only on one of the backup sets (backup set "Friday") is there more than 1 member, and the members are named "1-Friday" and "2-Friday".




Edit: after checking on the "reuse pre-named media" option, it was not enabled, and may have been before this problem started. I enabled it, and we'll see how it goes.

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