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Gradual recreating of catalogue ?

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One of my backup catalogues has recently been corrupted and unfortunately it is a catalogue of 33 tapes. I've started a new catalogue and have gone back to my backup regime.

However I wish to recreate the catalogue for the old backup set bit by bit. So for example, i wish to create the a catalogue for the first 5 one day then followed by a further 5 the next day and then so on. Is this possible ?


Also another question i neglect to ask, can i do anything with the old corrupt catalogue ?





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This is possible.


Rebuild the catalog to the end of tape one. When you are prompted for a new tape hit cancel (or whatever comes up) and save your changes. The following day

go to tools->repair->update existing catalog and continue on with tape two.


The key here is that you always stop the operation when Retrospect is asking for a new tape. You will have to start over if you stop it in the middle of a tape.




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Thanks for that, I think its working.


But now i get a a very disconcerting message which says "Device trouble *tape name* - error 212 (media erased)", even though the media isn't erased and should have stuff on it.

I get this message when I do the above suggestion and when I reopen retrospect to update the catalogue with the next tape then I get the stated message.

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