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Dumb Question: Retrospect looking for new media

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I have *mostly* gotten Retrospect to work in backing up my Mac as well as a networked PC. All backups work fine if I don't have to insert new media during a backup (All of my backups run in the middle of the night in unattended mode while my Mac is sitting at the logon screen). If a scheduled backup does not need new media, all runs well. However, if new media is required, Retrospect pops up *behind* the Mac logon screen and apparently asks for new media. However, none of the Retrospect application buttons are clickable while the logon screen is visible. My question is, can I simply feed my Mac a blank DVD at this point and Retrospect will dutifully continue without me having to click anything? Or, do I somehow have to bring Retrospect to the front by logging in and then clicking the continue button?

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