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Error 518 not enough client memory - OS 9

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I'm using Retrospect 6.0.193 Server on OS X 10.3.4, backing up an OS 9.2.2 computer running Retrospect client 5.1.157, and I keep getting "Error 518 Not enough client memory" when attempting to back up a portion of the volume - a folder + subfolders containing a total of 5,800 items and 3.79GB of data.




The funny thing is, this error does not occur while scanning the folder for backup - that goes fine. The volume is scanned, privileges are updated, and icons added, and the execution actually progresses 50% or more of the way through (usually backing up between 10 and 50 files per run), but fails towards the end, just before the verification process. Also, the error doesn't occcur directly after a restart of the client computer, it only happens after 3 or 4 successful script execution cycles. There must be a memory leak in the 5.1.157 / OS 9 client?




Any suggestions here? The OS 9 client machine has 64MB of real ram and virtual mem set to 96MB. The problem still occurs even if no other apps are running on the machine.




Thanks for your input,





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It sounds like the error is occuring when Retrospect tries to build the snapshot. Do you get the same error if you turn off snapshots in your backup?


64MB of real RAM isn't very much and is likely the cause of the trouble. Your best bet is to up the physical RAM to 128MB or more.


The OS9 client really hasn't changed much since 4.3. Its doubtful there are any memory leaks.



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