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error 1101, Ver 6.0, Win XP SP2, Local Backup


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I've been using Retrospect 6.0 for almost two years. Has been working fine. Just changed the main PC to a Dell Precision Workstation 370 running Windows XP SP2 with 1 GB RAM. 250 GB SATA Maxtor drive (non-RAID). Hard drive partitioned so swap file and GoBack file each have their own partition. Windows is in C:, all user data in a fourth partition.


From my reading of the Dantz WinXP SP2 advisory, it does not apply for me since I do not do networked backups. Backups are local - the PC's hard disk to a CD-RW drive on the same PC.


Did a full backup of the system partition C:. McAfee antivirus, Spybot Search & Destroy both disabled during the backup. Backup completed normally although had some errors in the compare that the modify times of some files differed. I've seen that in the past and it hasn't seemed to cause any problems.


I tried to prepare a Disaster Recovery (DR) CD. Near the end of creating the image file, I get error 1101 that a file/directory cannot be found. It says iaahci.inf cannot be found. The file is there, though, on the C: drive.


I am using the Windows CD as the source for I386. (Before that I used the I386 folder Dell put on the hard drive. That collected almost 1GB of files for the image, which would of course not fit on a CD, and also ended with the same error 1101.)


Things I have done based on reading past error 1101 posts (with no impact):

* re-tried this several times.

* Entire hard disk is error free.

* I have deleted and recreated the Retrospect settings folder.


Would appreciate your suggestions of what to try next, so that I can get a DR CD created. Thanks.

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Hi nate,


I saw it although as I read the advisory it seemed that the whole thing just applied to networked PCs. I'll create one.


Would that explain the error 1101 problem, given that the file is there in the C: partition?




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