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Duplicate Feature and scripts


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I want to be able to make a script that will duplicate certain folders on my HD to my backup firewire drive. I have tried this but retrospect wants to copy the entire C drive to my backup drive.


I just want it to take the folders that I specify for backup i.e. "my documents" and just copy it to a folder on the firewire called \backup\my documents.


I just want retrospect to actually compare the files and copy to the backup dir if the file has been modified or if there is a new file in that dir.


thanks in advance

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Duplicate is limited to copying one source disk/folder to one destination disk/folder. If you want to exclude certain folders from your duplicate you can use a custom selector. This feature is available with Retrospect Professional and above.


Retrospect automatically only copies new and changed files. It also deletes files as needed to make sure the destination drive matches the source.




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