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UJ-825 in Powerbook 17@1.5ghz

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I recently purchased a Powerbook 17 1.5ghz, and attempted to use Retrospect 6.0.193 to back up a media project, about 5.6GB of iMovie and iDVD data. I wanted to back it up to DVD-R on my built in Panasonic UJ-825.


Retro went through the device configuration with flying colors, but when attempting the backup nothing gets written to the optical disk. Retro effectively hangs, using gobs of CPU time (left all night nothing got written).


Is the UJ-825 supported (I didn't see it on your compatible or incompatible device list), and if not will it be?


-- Verne


P.S. It would be really nice if this multi drive were supported - according the product spec on the Panasonic site, it seems to support just about all DVD media.

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Dantz tries to create drivers for new devices as quickly as possible. This is especially true for Apple branded devices. However there are often factors beyond Dantz's control that can slow down this process dramatically. For notification of new driver updates please join the Dantz RDU notification mailing list:





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