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LaCie d2 U&I AIT compatibility

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I have an brand new tape drive. We currently have Retro 4.3c backing up to a Sony SCSI AIT-1 drive just fine. I need to add a second tape drive to back up a seperate volume, and we got a (LaCie d2 AIT-1) U&I drive, planning on using it with the Firewire bus. The computer is a B&W G3 Server running ASIP 6.3.3, and OS 9.1.


Retro 5.x+ is out of the question as it has issues with the ASIP service.


Retro 4.3c, Dantz's site does list this U&I model as supported, in fact fully qualified. But I can't get it to recognize. There is something listed in the Apple System profiler, just a bunch of numbers really... but its realizing something is there.


I have tried the driver updates, and the ADK, and no dice.


I need to know is Dantz going to support this, is their site misprint, or what?

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Fixed it. Talked to Dantz, and they were of some help. He emphisized the fact that I will need a driver from the manufacturer...


I checked LaCie's site again, and found something called LaCie_AIT_Tape_v649. Installed it, rebooted ,and Retrospect 4.3c finds the tape drive fine.

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