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Backup device not recognised


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Despite seeing my backup device, a Maxtor 300 USB2 external HDD, (which incidently came bundled with Retrospect 6) in Windows (XP) Explorer and Device Manager, it does not appear in the Retrospect "Configure Devices" Status tab. I quote from the Dantz Retrospect help file Viz:

"If you are backing up to recordable discs, removable disks, or hard

disk devices, make sure you can see and access the drive in the Windows

Explorer. If you cannot, refer to your drive's documentation for

information on setting it up properly. When you can access it from My


All backup devices that are properly connected to the backup computer

should also appear in the Windows Device Manager. If you cannot see the

device, refer to its documentation for information on setting it up



Could anybody please tell me why this is the case. The device really can't be installed wrongly, it is installed according to the instructions in the Maxtor manual, and endorsed by Dantz. I am no expert, but I am sure this is why this backup device is also not recognised in Disaster Recovery mode, a subject on which I have posted earlier.


Without meaning to be sarcastic, I thought I might have had a better response from the Dantz techie on this forum, with his albeit unofficial presence here. I have paid for a product that does not do what it claims to do, both in respect to the subject of this post, and my earlier posts!

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