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6.0.108 clients shutting themselves off?!?

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I've installed client 6.0.108 on most of the machines I back up. I'm running 5.1 for Mac OS X Server version for the backups. For some strange reason, I have two computers where the Retrospect client turns itself off after a few days. Most of my computers don't, but every few days to couple of weeks, these two will be shut off, and the logs indicate that (that's how I know it's happening.


The machines are both running Panther, but that's where the similarity ends. One's a G5, the other a G4. Any help would be appreciated.

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The number one reason for this is that the client application was shifted after the install. When the computer reboots, the startup script does not find the client and launch the background daemon (pitond), and no backups until you start it manually using the client application.


Reinstalling (as Natew said) is the easy way to get the startup script and the application location back in sync.

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