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Delete waiting executions


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If a script is delayed for some reason (lack of empty tapes was the last occurence) the next script comes up in the "Waiting" pane in the window. If I don't want this script to run and click "Delete", it disappears for just a second and then comes back. Why?


Running 6.5.350 on Windows 2000 Server.

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I think this is a timing issue more than anything. If you wait for the script to start doing something and then hit stop, Retrospect should delete the execution. If you were to cancel the execution on the "sheduled" tab it should also delete the execution.


I think you are deleting the execution before Retrospect has a chance to realize that the script started to run.




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I can't tell if the scheduled run was still on the "schedule" pane or not. It was on the "Waiting" pane and there is a "Delete" button there. I expect the button to work   ;-)


"If you wait for the script to start doing something"


I wanted to prevent the script from starting to catch up from earlier delays. The currently running script would end in the middle of the night and I wanted to prevent the previous night's script to start (to make way for THIS night's script).




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I'm having the same problem; It seems to be triggered by two conditions: the amount of time it waits for the media and second, as far as I know, it only happens when two or more backups to the same Backup Set wait over, like when I run out of space on a weekend and the Saturday and Sunday backups are waiting for Friday's to end.


The only workaround I have found is to close Retrospect (it will warn you of the pending backup) and then open it again, this time it will allow you to delete the recurring waiting job.




Diego Zenizo

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